About OmniTel Communications

OmniTel Communications has rural Iowa roots going back to 1904 providing telephone service in the north central Iowa within the Rudd, Iowa exchange. Today OmniTel provides cutting-edge broadband Internet, digital voice, and video services to residential and business customers in 35 communities in north central Iowa, south central Iowa, and southwest Iowa.

100% Fiber Optic Network

OmniTel Communications 100% Fiber Optic network provides a dedicated connection straight to your home that doesn’t slow down when the neighbors are online. Fiber networks can carry virtually unlimited data and provide you ultra-fast Internet speeds. Our fiber network is fully redundant which creates a safety net so that if something were to happen to a primary fiber cable such as a fiber cut, service to the client would not be interrupted.

  • 100% Fiber Network
  • Local & Reliable Service
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Speeds up to a Gigabit
  • No Data Caps/No Contracts
  • Managed Wi-Fi Available


We are fully invested in all the communities we serve. Our employees live and work in many of these communities, they frequent the local shops and establishments, and their children attend schools there. We are your friends, neighbors, and local community business partners.

Donations, Grants, & Scholarships

As a local company, OmniTel is committed to the communities we serve. Through a combination of charitable donations and the dedicated involvement of our employees, OmniTel supports organizations and activities that make our communities better places to live and work. We provide community support through participation in local events and contributions to public and private non-profit organizations. Visit our Donations, Grants, and Scholarship page for more information.

OmniTel Story

With its global reach and state of the art 100% fiber network, OmniTel continues to provide the most advanced and cost-effective service offerings in the industry for fiber-optic broadband Internet, digital voice, and video solutions. Partnering in its local communities with these solutions allows our community members to work, learn and play on an equal level with the rest of the world.

OmniTel is a locally owned and operated communications company that has been providing service to rural and urban Iowans for well over 117 years. We value the history and personal connections we have within our communities. By investing in state-of-the-art technology, we are a forward-thinking technology leader that provides services to enhance the way our customers work, learn and play. We believe providing these services make our communities strong and resilient.

OmniTel’s commitment to our communities goes beyond simply providing standard services. We are a part of each community, ensuring that we give back not only financially but also through community involvement. Additionally, OmniTel partners with underserved areas by expanding its service footprint to bring the best in communications services to those areas that would otherwise be ignored and left behind. OmniTel’s locally minded staff is focused on listening to our customers, with an end goal of helping everyone discover solutions specific to their needs. Simply put, OmniTel works toward making technology accessible, useful, and fun.