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Residential Phone

Real and reliable, OmniTel Digital Home Phone Service utilizes our 100% Fiber-Optic Network to provide unparalleled call quality. Experience unlimited local calling and customize your service with one or more of our add-on features like; Caller ID, Call Waiting or Voice Mail.

Digital Voice over Fiber Optics

With state of the art technology that utilizes our 100% Fiber Optic Network, you will experience a crystal clear digital voice along with amazing features.

Quality and Reliability

OmniTel phone service provides unparalleled clarity and won’t “drop” in the middle of your call. Also, with OmniTel Battery Backup Service* your phone will work up to eight hours during a power outage.*

Peace of Mind

It’s nice knowing that anyone can use your home phone. In case of an emergency, when you call from an OmniTel line, your address is automatically provided to the dispatcher.

Easy to Use

When you convert to OmniTel service, we bring your old number with you. And, just like the “old days”, pick up the phone and dial. As easy as that.

LD Packages & Additional Features

Pick and choose additional features to to fit your specific needs, all for one low monthly price.

Local & Reliable Service

Based in Iowa, our staff lives and works in communities near you. Because of this we are able to provide timely and quality service. All done by someone you may already know.

*Requires OmniTel Battery Backup Service and corded phone handset during power outages.